A Visit to Lisa and Frank Phipp’s Farm and Gardens

Lisa Phipps Sitting  on her new CONCRETE Raised Beds with her Dog  Lola

It was the scheduled photo session for Dee Cappola’s  photos session and she chose Lisa and Frank Phipps’  farm and Gardens for the session.  What a beautiful venue it is – not only the setting but the borrowed view as well as the unique  structures, planting areas, and unique structures throughout  the 10 acre property along with the her favorites the chickens and her dogs.

A Golden Polish Top Hat

I think the chickens in so many varieties are her favorites.


The chickens are looked upon by Lola with great interest.


Lola wants chicken for dinner!!


Funny  Sign  –  Favorite Friends



“New Dog House” Under the Stairs



Lisa with Dee Coppola relaxing.

The photo session was successful.

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