Just Doodling

Doodling is taking on a different look for me.  Last night I was playing with various paper and brush combinations in Corel Painter 12 – just making marks and taking my color from gradient mode using some of the new gradients I have recently created. I was just making marks starting with some of the darker tones – they were my newest gradients and some gold tones.  Soon I started to see trees.

I had no painting in mind, so I continued with my marks, adding a bit of green – a little park, perhaps, I thought, and so it went until this little image complete trees and sky and creek and sunlight was born.  I am not concerned about whether it is good or not.  I had fun and it is a different kind of painting for me to do.  That’s enough.  Hope you  enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Just Doodling

  1. Brilliant input! I must say this is one of my favorite post update by you. Truly you posted wonderful paint whatever I don’t have any idea about painting but I like this one very much.Thanks mate and keep it up!

    • Hi, You know I was just looking at that image. I love it. It is probably number 1 or 2 of all I have ever done and to think I was just playing with brushes. It makes me happy to look at it and I fine is so pretty and peaceful and free. thank you for sharing the same feeling and for this note. I must play some more. Winifred

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