Painter 2016 – Enhancing Watercolor Paintings with Creative Texture

Hi Guys,

I’m really enjoying painting with Painter’s Watercolor again. I have been busy for many months doing other things. Loving the new Watercolor brushes and really loving working with new paper textures I’ve created. I thought you might want to know more about the process and to see a quick and simple painting created live using them. With some recommended brush adjustments, the techniques  can also be used in Painter 2015 but the results may vary a bit.  I hope you enjoy. Winifred

Painter 2016 Released – Favorite New Features

Painter 2016 is released. You will want to order or download a free 30 day trial as soon as possible to try the new features. This upgrade is loaded with new options for artistic expression. The WELCOME  experience directs you to tutorials demonstrating many of these new features. However, I want to share with you some of my favorites.

New Brush Features – New and BrushCategories, Streamlined Brush Categories – Ability to import Photoshop ABR image files.

Audio Expression – Let your music/sound alter your brush/color behavior.

Rotate Paper – Full 360 Degree Rotatation of Paper in your Paper Library or Flow Map Library

Dynamic Speckles – New Brush Category – Exciting New Media Look

Custom Toolbox – A New Way to Share  Resources with Friends, Colleagues and Students

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