The Face – Oil Painting Portrait

The Face – 8×10 Oil on Gessoed Panel 

The Face – Oil Painting Portrait by Winifred

I think this painting falls somewhere between realism and abstraction. It’s unusual for me to paint in a style of such smooth gradients. It’s actually very challenging because there is a separate color mixed for each value and value and chroma of the hue used in her face. It was gratifying to complete this.

“Chica Joven” (young girl) 9×12 Oil on Linen Panel

Portrait of young Mexican girl by Winifred

Initially, I painted her red ruffled dress, but I didn’t care for it.  The following day, I used a dry brush and palette knife to cover it – providing a sheer look through at the dress – much more interesting, I thought. It stresses me how different some photos of paintings look from the real thing – and not in a good way. I notice that particularly with this painting – perhaps because it’s light and the colors subtle.

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