Commissioned Oil Painted Portraits – 1

 I have not posted for more than 2 months. My previous weekly postings fell away. I will do better. One reason for my absence is the amount of effort and focus I was directing to the series of  commissioned portraits I’ve been working on, as you will begin to see here.  I hope to do better and to keep you more up to date with my work. This is quite a colorful group of oil paintings.

Girl with Floral Vines – Oil Paint on Linen Panel, 12×16, by Winifred Whitfield


 The styles of my paintings are quite varied.  I allow the person, the image to dictate the ultimate outcome. The painting thus evolves intuitively.  I am often surprised by the journey and the outcome. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been given free rein in creating these portraits. No direction was given. This allows me to be at my most creative. The inspiration for the floral vine came from floral elements in the families marble table




Girl with Colorful Sky, 12×16 oil painting by Winifred Whitfield


I enjoy this rich and colorful sky.  It was breezy when I photographed this young lady. At times her hair was whipping all about her face.  I ask that she just relax and let it happen.  There is always the perfect moment and perfect movement, hence the floating wisp of her hair helping to bring this painting to life. There was not a hint of a sunset –  in fact, yet it appeared in the painting.




12×16 Oil Painting on Panel, ” Little Boy with Hand in His Hair” by Winifred Whitfield



This is the most colorful oil portrait I’ve ever painted. The family loves intense vivid color.  I thought it would please them and it did.  Freehand painting a patterned background was a bit scary but I love patterns and felt confident I could do it. I am pleased. It’s pretty amazing that with all the color and pattern in the background, your eyes still go right to his eyes.









6 thoughts on “Commissioned Oil Painted Portraits – 1

  1. Gorgeous! I love your work…I bought a watercolor of yours in the Whidbey Island area in 80’s.

    • Hi Carol,
      Actually, I have never painted with watercolor. I’ve doe digital WC but I have never sold them. I am pleased you like my portrait paintings. Have a great day. Winifred

  2. Your portraits are truly lovely! As always, am truly inspired by your work! So pleased to be included in seeing them! Missed you!

    • Hi Alice,
      Thank you. I’ve been alternating between portraits and still lifes. I’ve been doing a lot of painting these past months – which accounts for my abscence. I will continue to paint but attempt to post as well. Thank you. Winifred

    • Thank you Lois. I feel the same way. I have known her since the day she was born. I enjoyed creating such a special painting of her. Winifred

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