Painting Hydrangeas

There are so many ways to paint hydrangeas and hydrangea still lifes. I’ve tried quite a few. They are challenging with all the little cluster petals. There are those who paint the little 4 petal clusters all over.

Pink and Blue Hydrangeas Oil Painting 11×14 – by Winifred

That’s more detail than actually interest me. I like the painting above but find it a bit too “sweet” and whimsical for my preference though I painted it!.

4 thoughts on “Painting Hydrangeas

  1. I see what you did. I honestly like the ones that aren’t perfect. I love the third one so much. You are s wonderful artist, canvas or digital. I used to paint traditional oil on canvas. I did that for so many years. A group of us met every Monday night and we painted for four hours. Thank you for sharing how you arrived at the painting I like.

    • Thank you Rene’. I just posted again. this time I really show you how I arrived ar a painting. You should show me some of your past oil paintings. It’s wonderful to paint with a group. If I did that – they would never get to sleep! Winifred

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