Portrait of Despair

Portrait of a Woman in Despair – 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

I painted this portrait a couple of years ago to reflect how I often feel in this political environment of the Trump Presidency which emboldens racism and sexism. In my opinion, this country is moving backwards. There is a lack of dignity in the office of the president, lack of humanity, lack of respect for people of color and lack of respect for other people who lack means and hope which includes many of his white followers – I find this appalling. I fluctuate between despair and rage! I wanted to create a portrait which reflected this. The next post will be a portrait of a young girl which I’m currently painting and flowers!!


10 thoughts on “Portrait of Despair

  1. You captured the feelings beautifully! I heartily agree. I don’t get much US news over hear so rely on internet sites by the main news organizations and I sometimes think I won’t look anymore. From a legal standpoint, I’m appalled at how Trump and his group are trying to pervert the course of justice by weighing in on legal things they have no business being in. That is why we have the separation of powers. I’m also dismayed at the way Attorney General Barr seems to represent the President and not the nation as the position is supposed to.

    I fear for our country and feel powerless to stop it.

    • Hi Nancy, The feeling of powerlessness is horrible. We only have the ballot box and even that process, unfortunately, is not tamper proof, structurally speaking. W

  2. A powerful representation of how many are feeling right now. These are strange times .. we have hatred and mockery spewing nonstop from the mouth of the soulless man who somehow got elected to the presidency, and cheered on by his followers — who are identifying with the aggressor, all the while not realizing that he holds them in contempt as well — he is like a vampire needing to feed on them because he has no inner self to sustain him. I look at the faces of those at his rallies — how excited they are by all the lies and cruelty spewing forth from the mouth which never stops spewing garbage, at the theater of the hateful rallies themselves,, and I despair. It is all simply a game to rump — he is untouchable and has nothing to lose — there is no one who can stop him because he is enabled by the majority held by our elected representatives. These are dangerous times.

    • Thank you for your reply Isabelle. These are tough and painful times for many people. I wanted to paint a portrait which reflected this.

  3. This is a perfect image of someone viewing abuse.

    Trump plays to the anger of those who follow him. They are angry at what the believe they deserve but do not have. Yes, Trump will not provide for those people. He is only concerned about his own riches.

  4. Trump takes care of Trump – that is so true. Thank you for your comment Betsy. W

  5. I love the emotion that you capture in your portraiture. The despair is plainly evident. I’m sad for her. I’m sad for the country.

  6. HUGS .. it is a beautiful but haunting capture of emotions & fears! I think you did what you intended to do!!!

    I agree with you 1000% .. I had to step back from Facebook a LOT more than I used to because I refuse to give in to despair and hopelessness .. yet .. I fear for all of us every day .. but I also see a great awakening of love and community happening with some ppl .. so .. I keep praying and signing petitions and I early voted.

    • Thanks Barbara. Indeed, I don’t want all portraiture to be calm and content. That’s not the way life is. Though the next portrait will be calm and content! Hope you’re well. W

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