Venice Italy – Gondola Under Canal Bridge

Couple in Gondola Under Canal Bridge – 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

The reference image I took and used for this painting, I found to have a very different look from most Venice canal oil paintings. One reason is that it was taken of a gondola under a bridge – not out in open daylight on the canal. I looked at many other images online, there are thousands and thousands of them but I saw nothing like this one. Another reason I like it is that it has a portrait look to it – as well as looking rather stifly posed. It reminds me of Grant Wood’s portrait of the man and his daughter with the pitch fork – we all know it. My painting is actually not posed. I found the light and warm colors of the wood mooring pretty and loved the glow of outside light hitting the ceiling of the bridge – all of which give it a rather vintage look. These are the first water waves I’ve ever attempted. Not too bad! It’s my first Gondola painting also. I have many other canal images I can choose from for future paintings – many very nice images but nothing else quite like this one.

It’s not an excuse when I tell you that most often the digital files I post just don’t do the actual paintings justice at all – particularly when there are a great deal of texture/hence tiny detail in the panel and painting. The files looks more pixelated. Smooth paintings photograph and present much more accurately and attractively – but I love texture so I struggle with it. I’ve done the best here I can do. This painting represents a finished first draft. I have more work to do. I will wait a week and come back to it. At that time needed changes will just jump off the page. I also think I will give the driver an often seen sunhat and add stripes to his shirt. I’ll let you know if I make significant changes. Thanks for viewing. Winifred

16 thoughts on “Venice Italy – Gondola Under Canal Bridge

    • Thank you Ken. You do like rather dark and moody images. I received the mail.

  1. Winifred, I really like this piece. I will be watching for the revised version… wonderful start. What is the size?

    • Thank you very much Dee. I really like it too. I am excited to work on it a bit further. Per your message, it’s 12×16.

  2. Once again your colors are magnificent. The depth of your painting comes through even over the pixelated internet. Fabulous job.

    • Thank you Maria. I’ve just completed another painting that just might be TOO MUCH color. I’m sure you’ll let me know!

  3. Hi Winifred, another wonderful painting. One day I hope to visit a see your pairings in real life. Your ability never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

    • Thank you Nancy, I will let you know. I can’t do too much to make the to enhance the driver – particularly because of his location in the design. I don’t want him to be such a dominant focal point. I’ll have to figure it out! W

  4. This seems very different from your other work. You have great breadth in your creations. I am fascinated by the light from under the bridge and the figures in the painting

  5. Thank you Betsy. I too enjoy the light and the figures. Increasingly, I simply think of this as a group portrait on a gondola.

  6. WOWOWOW .. it is glorious and refreshingly a classic πŸ™‚ in my mind .. it also reminds me of the painting The Scream for some reason as well as the Grant Wood painting you mentioned .. I love it as it is .. I would love to see it in person .. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it when you make changes too πŸ™‚ but I find it perfect just as it is here .. oil paintings are very difficult to photograph .. a professional art photographer friend in Texas once told me that textured paintings of any medium are the worst pain in the neck πŸ™‚

    I took my grandson to an art museum in Texas .. they had an original Georgia O’Keeffe painting on display .. and they had prints of it for sale too .. lolol .. the prints were not color matched and it almost did not even look like the painting .. it made me laugh to discover that I was NOT the only one who struggled with getting nice digital files for prints!

    • Thank you Barbara. Indeed they are difficult to photograph but I will keep trying! Hope you are well. W

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