Little Girl with Her Rocks

Girl with Her Rocks Oil Painting 9×9 by Winifred

I’d prepared 16×20 linen panel to paint next. My subject matter would be a little girl at the edge of a lake sitting amongst rocks. I thought it might be a good idea to create a smaller painting to work out the colors and design. This is the initial painting for what will likely be a larger painting. This painting was created on a very textured panel which was great in some ways and challenging in others. A linen covered panel would give the painting a different look. Not positive the larger panel will ever happen – but maybe.

Below: While trying to include more portraits and figurative paintings back into my work – I just can’t leave my florals. I find them relaxing and expressive in a different way. Below, I explored a different color palette and painting style which evolved during the course of this painting.

Colorful Roses Oil on Panel 12×12 by Winifred

As usual, I didn’t know what this painting would become when I started. It was to be a quick playtime painting. It started very simply, using the shapes and flower placement from a photo.

Below: The next day, I rejected the flower design and I could only look at it and think “so what”. I took it back into the studio. I also didn’t care for the stack of three flowers, top to bottom on the right nor the squeezed in look of the small flower left/adjacent the 3 right stacked flowers. The foliage wasn’t what I wanted either. I might have toss or wipe down this painting panel but sometimes I challenge myself to resolve the problems.

Above: This is also a much paler looking painting than is normal for me. Though I find the color palette attractive, I am uncomfortable/bored – particularly with the light background .

Below: In my next draft. I altered the flower placement and added color and expressive strokes. I found the new colors interesting – I enjoyed the expressive strokes but not the color or strokes on the left. “What is that”? Still I’m in the playful and experimental mode – a very important place to spend time and effort. Overall, this draft remained unacceptable.

Below, the “maybe” final painting with many concerns resolved. I enjoy the background’s broken colors and impressionist strokes. There are small things I may still alter a bit but I can look at this painting now without “grimacing”. Hope you enjoyed this little journey. Winifred

Colorful Roses Oil on Panel 12×12 by Winifred

8 thoughts on “Little Girl with Her Rocks

  1. I love the variety in the style of your paintings, even within this set of florals. They are lovely.

    • Thanks Betsy and thank you. I noticed the variance in my paintings also. My hand just will not do the same thing twice and sometimes it’s an issue. Hope all is well. W

  2. I love to see your process. Each one of these has great colors. Although you were bored with the lighter colors, I found them extremely relaxing and serene…reminded me of a spa day.

  3. “Day Spa” – Funny! That’s a perfect description – and not the look I’m going for! Thanks Nancy. Hope all is going well and take good care of yourself. W

  4. Thank you Kimberly. It was fun and interesting to work out the colors for that draft painting.

  5. I am always amazed at how you can paint with what appears to be minimal brushstrokes to capture such expression the subject’s face. You’ve done this again with the little girl. Perhaps it is the faint pout on her face or a more determined eyebrow. I love your paintings.

  6. Thank you Maria. I appreciate your encouragement. It does take little to create expression. I’ve had this photo reference for 3 years now. I’m glad I made, at least my first effort with it. W

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