Rest In Peace George Floyd

Rest In Peace George Floyd

Rest In Peace now George Floyd. Rest In Peace in the Arms of Your Loving Mother. The world heard the cries from your suffering and torture, witnessed your murder and we won’t let them get away with it.  Know now that your death will not be in vain, as through our anger and pain, a new generation has arisen to experience the power of protest against injustice, indignity, exploitation and racism. Rest In Peace George Floyd.  You’ve inspired renewed struggle and resolve. Rest In Peace George Floyd, you may join your Mother – your work is done. You will live in our hearts and memories forever. We mourn. Date of this Police Killing, May 25, 2020. There are so many more!! 

Please NO comment about the painting. You may comment about the state of racism in this country and the world if you so desire. I have known and/or experienced racism, directly and indirectly in this country all my life. I always considered prejudiced or racist people stupid people and I never listened to their attempts to demean or to limit me – but always sought to claim my best life. I have been fortunate in education, finances, family and self esteem. I can honestly say, however, that as a Black person in this country, I have never felt so targeted as unworthy and inferior as under the Trump administration. He must be removed! He is an embarrassment, a liar, immoral and dangerous.

We cannot be silent! To be silent is to be complicit. I don’t plan to turn this into a political forum. I wanted this to be a place to share my painting journey – but, this week – “my cup runneth over”. So many tears – so much sadness and pain. Winifred Whitfield

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  1. Thinking of you and the pain there is, not just in this terrible time, but always. Love you my friend. Love you all.

    “BE KIND” <3

    • Thank you Daphne. I know you share the sadness and outrage.. Hugs, Winifred

    • Thank you so much Helen. I’ve always noticed your willingness to speak out – your desire for a better world. I appreciate your comment. Winifred

  2. This is a time for us to turn outward, to speak out and take action. It is not enough to reject racism, to turn away and merely condemn the injustice of our systems of government, the inequities of our economy and the intolerance of social order. We must actively fight against the oppression. Speak out. Don’t be quiet when your neighbor worries about the windows that were broken but not about the young men who were slain. Write your officials. March. Involve yourself in change. Movements are defined by action.

    • Thank you Maria. I agree. There is no doubt the majority is this country is FAR more concerned about it’s property and all “things” rather the same level of outrage with the lack of rights and wellbeing of “all people”. Is there outcry about inadequate schools, inadequate healthcare, inadequate training and employment opportunity. NO. Break store windows and it’s “call in the troops”! It’s very unfortunate. Winifred

    • Thank you Ellen. INDEED!! But isn’t it – No Justice, No Peace? (: Hope you’re well, glad you’re here. Winifred

  3. Now is a time to speak out about any and all the injustices and systemic racism. Now is also a time to get active in whatever capacity we can .. we need to vote and to encourage all our neighbors to vote .. we need to hold our Police and Elected Officials to a higher standard every day .. not just when protests erupt. I miss President Obama and his sensible practical calm rational self – he gave us great advice when he spoke 🙂 and it was sunshine hope to me.

    HUGS I can understand your concerns personally and for all Black people everywhere in our Country with Trump & his administration calling forth all the White Supremacists from whatever rocks they had been hiding under .. and putting them in the White House from the beginning .. I knew it would not end well and I have feared Civil War between the Trump Republicans and those of us Democracy believing people. Reading about the “accelerators” aka White Supremacists instigating the looting and rioting has me worried that our Democracy is almost dead 🙁 Trump and his Republicans are destroying it .. deliberately .. with purpose .. I expect much more violence to be instigated 🙁 by them .. I hope and pray that I am wrong 🙁 .. they are not just targeting people of color in this .. they are targeting all who are not Trumpers .. and Trump is willing to kill his own base of supporters – he cares nothing for anyone except himself.

    People of color are their FIRST target of choice 🙁 I was so moved to tears of love & camaraderie when I saw the picture of the white women linked arms standing in front of Black protesters in Louisville to protect them from the police. If there on-site at a moment like that, I would be there with them 🙂 HUGS .. love you Winifred .. you are a kind thoughtful intelligent inspiring woman! I pray for you and all of us to be safe and unharmed by the festering hatreds on 2 feet in our World.

  4. Thank you for your comments Barbara. Change will absolutely require – not only the participation of white people but the willing – as was the case in Louisville, to often go in the front lines and actually launch the battle. What else does their action signal? It signals that the white women in front knew they were considered “valued” and would not be harmed whereas others whom they protected were considered dispensable and would be harmed.

    Just as “every vote counts” everyones voice in this struggle is important. What you say to your friends, what you say to your family and friends is important in changing the conscience of this nation. It’s impotent to grow the number of people willing to be on the front line – and to grow the quality of people elected to lead and make policy in this country. When one says nothing, when there is opportunity to say something – “they win”. Thank you. Winifred

  5. Beautifully said! Barry and I watch with horror what is happening back home. Although our tv coverage is limited to the BBC news we can get here, it has been front and center knocking COVID-19 off the headlines as people in England protest in support drawing thousands of protesters. Seeing the videos of police needless attacking peaceful protesters brings me to tears. I hope and pray every day that November will bring a clean sweep of common sense back into our highest level of government. I have no words to describe my visceral negative feelings toward Trump; he makes me so angry. He is ruining the US and the whole world is watching in disgust. Having never had to deal with racism or discrimination, I can’t imagine what you and others have to go through.

  6. Thanks Nancy, This world wide support has been quite amazing and wonderful. They can relate – there are Black people and other people of color everywhere who’ve experienced much the same the same. The police have been horrible to protesters. The United States is not looking good. It hasn’t been asserting moral leadership in anyway under this administration. Now it is just down the toilet! I am certainly hopeful for 2020 as well.

    Well, your time abroad is ticking by. Glad is is more enjoyable now. I don’t know when I’ll be able to paint a floral again. I’m too sad and too angry. I’ll just have to express that. Winifred

  7. Trump is the face of the problem, but too many stand behind him.

    I believe the majority of people in this country and worldwide want to eliminate racism, but too long the powerful have told us to wait and hope. Now we need action.

    If it were not for the cameras in the phone, we would not be able to see these horrible acts against blacks.

  8. That’s true. The cameras are showing us acts of violence, but structurally and policy wide the country is organized as a racist society. The inequities in economics, in general, specifically access to jobs, promotion in the work place, pay discrepancies. Access to home finance, quality of education – just to name a little bit, keeps African Americans down. Policing is horrendous. They will stop a white kid doing something stupid and give him a warning. If that kid was Black, he’d he’s likely to be stopped for “wanting down the street while black” he needs to do nothing. Then he’s hauled off to jail, accused of whatever the police want to accuse him for, perhaps beaten in route, If he had no money, he’d be in jail who knows how long, and then have an arrest record to contend with – even if finally let go, weeks or months later for “lack of evidence”. Many of not most cities have quotas – they have to make arrest – who do you think ket arrested? This is documented and well. And on the road – all the traffic stops are to make some accusation so as to issue a ticket so there is a fine to generate revenue for a city. Who do you think they stop and fine.

    When I was applying for a mortgage loan, I had to check a box as to what race I was. I did get the loan. However 3 years later, I was contacted by HUD that I was being sent a check for several thousand dollars because all Black and Hispanic people had been charged higher interest rates – not because they were of higher risk but because they were Black and Hispanic. This was the result of an audit. Indeed Trump did not create racism. Racism is am economic construct which started with Slavery. It was designed to negate the humanity of Black people and it continues in many many ways. That policeman affirmed that Floyd’s life was not significant. There have been so many others. Missing black children are not given the priority that white children are given. It’s not so different with underfunded Black and Hispanic schools. It is not considered to be important. Property and the continued growth of wealth of corporations and the rich are what is supported in this society. Trump epitomizes this position in his policies, consistently fans the flams of racism, endorse and provide platform for racist and increase the danger of blacks and hispanics in this country. In addition, he is just stupid, seeks to isolate this country, and kill it’s environment. Whether he started it or not, he fans the flames because only like minded people support him. He must be removed. Hope you and the girls are well. Winifred

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