Last Daisies of Summer

I decided to create one more daisy painting before I moved on and I’m glad I did. I was able to create an entirely different daisy painting style, one that gave me more color, more depth and softer more fluffy feeling flowers. It ‘s actually less realistic than actual daisies and my previous daisies (just scroll back one post to see). These are a bit more loose and artful. This doesn’t mean I like the others any less. I want to have a wide variety of tools and techniques at my disposal. Of course, the painting didn’t start out this way. I thought I had finished before I got to this stage. Below you see what I considered my initial finished painting – silly me!

I liked the fact that these daisies were so loose and fluffy. That was an accomplishment within itself. The values were good – (lights and darks) I was done with painting – so I thought. Fortunately, I had a problem loading the images to my site – in fact my site wasn’t working at all. I contacted Jon Munson, who maintains my site – whom I would highly recommend if you have any problem with a website – really. It’s been 10 years and he has never failed me once! Well, he took care of the problem. In the interim, I had time to keep looking at the initial painting and my irritation grew. That’s how it happens with me. I can move from satisfaction to irritation in a fairly short time. I thought I would only work to add warm and cool colors in the highlight and shadow areas. I very much liked the texture of the flowers. Without explaining in detail, you can see the result. A lot happened. It’s been a few days now and I remain ok with it. It’s a good sign when I don’t want to go back and “fix” something. In one of my last post, I returned to the painting and removed the strawberries!

I’m very close to finishing my mom’s portrait. Only the dress color remains unresolved. Sometimes I like it other times not. I hope to share it with you soon.

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14 thoughts on “Last Daisies of Summer

  1. Really like the daisies without a vase. Seems like they just fill up the canvas without a distraction. Overflowing lovely!

  2. I love the finished painting .. it looks like a capture from a very lovely garden!!! The almost finished one is lovely too yet it is not quite the same feeling when seen side by side! You are amazing as always!!!

    • Thank you Barbara. Yes from my garden but I had to change from the natural arrangement. Fun!

  3. Your colors are once again perfect. I love the light feel of the paintings and the textures.

    • Thank you Daphne. Great to hear from you. Hope you’re having a good summer – despite everything! W

  4. Gorgeous and inspirational Winifred.
    Looking forward to seeing your Mums portrait.

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