Painting Daisies in Oil

Daisies in Vase on Table cloth – Oil Painting 9×12 – by Winifred Whitfield

I think daisies are taken for granted. You plant them and they grow. They might even show up voluntarily and still grow and thrive. They grow along the side of the road. I’ve always liked them. They feel like a “smile” when I see them. I picked some from my garden, selected a few different vases and photographed them. I decided to give them some overdue attention – from a painting perspective. In the above painting, it also gave me the opportunity to show off a recently acquired vase from my tenant, the Poulsbo Antique Shop, which specializes in antique glassware primarily.

Daisies with Strawberries and Fallen Flower – Oil Painting – 9×12 by Winifred Whitfield

My primary objective in creating these paintings was to show depth in the flowers and overall depth in the bouquet. Ultimately I think I was successful and I like the above painting as much as I do the very top painting. Daisies have virtually no foliage along the upper flower stem, hence, if I want to embedded them in green, I would have to find foliage to place with the flowers – or create it from imagination.

Practice 2 – Daisy painting. Practice 1 I deleted!!

I took the imagination route, which also provided an opportunity for more foliage variation and lively brushstrokes. It’s a bit scary doing this because it is random and you aren’t sure exactly what you’re going to get, though relieved if it works well. I didn’t want to stick to realism. To be effective however, I would have to be comfortable with varying colors, light and shadow consistent with creating the depth and dimension I wanted to achieve. It was actually fun and challenging to take garden white daisies and give them so much color and variation in this process.

The process has been interesting. I learned a lot. I tried different processes and techniques in each. Now I want to create painting which incorporates what I learned overall.

Since Last time I posted, my garden has become beautiful – my neighbors all tell me so – though primarily constructed with containers. In the middle of my garden I placed a new BLACK LIVES MATTER sign. Actually. I have one on the front balcony as well. I’m the only African American in the homeowners association where I live, but another women has a sign in her front yard as well. She was told by an HOA board member she should take it down, people might think she is against the president. I told her I am completely against the president but that has nothing to do with my sign. I indicated to her that I’m pretty sure no one is going to request that I remove my sign and I wouldn’t anyway – she didn’t either.

During my absence, the past month and ahalf, I’ve also attempted to complete an oil portrait of my mom, who is no longer with us. It’s a 3/4 portrait which includes hands and a dozen roses, chair arms and more. The reference is from a photo taken on mothers day perhaps 6 years ago. I have’ve not yet succeeded in capturing the expression I remembered and felt. I needed to take a break from the portrait but I will soon continue. I’m happy with most of it – even with her hands – but not yet wit her face and sly smile – which I had to force out of her!

Bye for now, wear a mask and distance when possible. This country under the current leadership and policy direction is still “growing infections” in the population. Far less developed countries are doing SOOOOO much better. So sad.

15 thoughts on “Painting Daisies in Oil

  1. I think #2 is my favorite because the simplicity of the vase makes the Daisy’s the focal point. However, #1 is also great. I like the sharper details on the flowers so they stand out against the more detailed vase. All are beautiful though

    • Thank you Nancy. Overall there is a great deal of detail in the first painting. I often try for less – just hoping it balances out. It’s interesting and more unusual – it’s ornate – if a painting cam be such – the vase, the tablecloth, the more textured petals as well as the vase. The second one, while I like it very much – tends toward being a little more normal, and more modern.

  2. These are lovely and joyful paintings.

    Tropical Storm Isaiah passed over Long Beach, NY last Tuesday. Not much rain but a lot of wind. Since the large trees in Long Beach were lost in 2012 due to Superstorm Sandy, when you were with me in Manhasset, this storm caused less serious damage in Long Beach than on the north shore of Long Island and further north. Strangely, the leaves on most plants in Long Beach either turned partially or completely black. It is believed that the wind pushed the salt air around the island causing this phenomena.

    So, we lost the beauty of many flowering plants, most particularly the large sunflowers, which were felled.

    Your paintings have raised my spirit.

    • Betsy, I think it’s time for you to leave New York. The weather has become horrible no matter what time of the year. I can’t imagine such plant damage during the summer. That is very sad. Hope the daisies helped. They have a way of doing that. W

  3. Winifred, number 2 is my favorite! Followed closely by number 3. Love the simplicity and joyfulness of the daisy. You captured the flowers in all their simplicity, and duplicated the appeal to everyone across all lines in your paintings.
    The paintings are indeed a delight! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Dee. I knew #2 would be the favorite for most. It is pretty. Last night I made some changed to number 3. For me, experimenting is always good.

  4. Gorgeous paintings. I too have always loved daisies. I think of them and sun flowers as happy flowers. I grew up in San Francisco with daisies growing wild in my neighborhood.

    Hope you are doing well and staying healthy!

    • Hi Nadia,
      Thank you. It took a long while to respond because I am having issues with the site, which is why I emailed you directly. You’re such a talented photo artist. Winifred

  5. I love all of them but the first is my very favorite 🙂 .. I love the extra foliage and the ornate vase is awesome with the daisies!

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