The Tilt

Tilted Bowl of Fruit 16×12 Oil Painting by Winifred

It started when shopping for fruits and veggies. I saw a bunch of large tangerines in the center of the fruit display. They had large gnarly green leaves attached. I would include them as they would add a special touch to the bowl of fruit I’d create. I tilted the bottom of my support to change the point of view just a little to add additional interest. Primarily, I used a palette knife but not for everything. Always a challenge but I enjoyed creating this colorful energetic painting.

11 thoughts on “The Tilt

  1. The richness and depth of this painting is stunning. Your colors are always vivid and striking, but especially here. What a beautiful painting.

    • Thank you Maria – and Richard Schmid said there should be a little red in every painting – right or wrong, I think I’ll go with that. W

    • Thank you very much Helen. I consider study and practice and passion the most important ingredients for any of the arts – talent I would put in last place. What do you think?

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