Zoom Meeting in New Cool New Glasses – Oil Painting 11×14 by Winifred Whitfield

I admired the new eye glasses while on Zoom and wanted to take a closer look. She sent me a selfie. Every time I saw it in my flies I thought it an interesting reference to paint – and so I did. The painting is so reflective of the times we live in and of course the “readers” are very cute!

7 thoughts on “On ZOOM

  1. It is a lovely picture, very colorful and an interesting expression.

    Using zoom poses dilemmas for me; what to wear, what background to show or just not show any picture. It is a big part of our world due to Covid, but it has become very useful for meetings that either don’t need to be in person or to save travel time.

    • Zoom poses dilemmas for most on some level but, you can use your time trying to figure those things out or getting dressed and traveling. I think Zoom is the choice! Winifred

  2. You’ve done a beautiful job of capturing my contemplative look when listening to others in the virtual meetings that make up so much of our working life. I am honored. And I’m glad you like the

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