Colorful Bouquet

Colorful Bouquet Still Life Oil Painting by Winifred

Colorful Bouquet Still Life 11×12 x in Gessoed Panel

I painted this bouquet a few months ago but have never posted it anywhere.  Do you think there is such a thing as too much color!  I did and planed never to share it. Combining both the color and the paint texture, this painting has the appearance of candy. It is super saturated and shiny. It’s a lot to take in.  It would have been perfect to have posted it on Valentine’s Day. But we’re not too far off and we are upon yet another holiday to celebrate. So, whether I love it or not – here it is. Hope you’ve enjoyed both holidays this week – and also this very colorful painting.

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Portrait of Despair

Portrait of Despair

12 x16  Oil painting Portrait onTextured Gessoed Panel

Portrait of a Woman in Despair – 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

It’s been a tough year of hurricanes, wild fires, flooding, mass murder, racial and other interest group violence and political hostility. Despair, hopelessness, loss seem but a heartbeat away and often central to the fabric of our lives. 

I painted this portrait depicting anguish and despair because I wanted to document this emotion. On some level,  at one time or another, to one extent or another, we have all known loss, agony, distress, grief, heartbreak, anxiety, worry, discouragement, and or despondency. I see such stories posted on Facebook and in the news – now it seems all the time.  And – because we are so interconnected, there is no escaping from the shared pain. The specific reasons for this emotion in the photo are not important and will not be discussed.  However, I think it might be of value to take a moment to connect with your particular sadness through this  image, and then breathe back into your strength and courage to move forward.

Brass Against Red Backdrop

Brass Teapot Against Red Backdrop – 12×16 Oil on Linen Panel

Brass Teapot on Red – Oil Painting by Winifred

In June, I set up and photographed many still lifes.  This was one I knew I would paint at some point – and finally, the day came.  Painting the textures of the various articles was challenging and fun.The colors are luscious. To make this painting easier, I opened the photograph in Photoshop, and used the dropper, to select individual hues and values to make color swatches. I printed these color samples on high gloss paper and took them into my “wet” studio to mix my paints to match the precise oil colors for the painting. Very effective! Hope you enjoy. Winifred

Portrait – Girl in Crimson Dress

Girl in Crimson Dress – 11×14 Linen on Panel

Portrait of Girl in Crimson Dress – Oil Painting by Winifred

A loosely painted textural portrait of a teenage girl. I enjoy experimenting with loose imprecise brushstrokes – though it’s not just random as it might appear.

The Face – Oil Painting Portrait

The Face – 8×10 Oil on Gessoed Panel 

The Face – Oil Painting Portrait by Winifred

I think this painting falls somewhere between realism and abstraction. It’s unusual for me to paint in a style of such smooth gradients. It’s actually very challenging because there is a separate color mixed for each value and value and chroma of the hue used in her face. It was gratifying to complete this.

“Chica Joven” (young girl) 9×12 Oil on Linen Panel

Portrait of young Mexican girl by Winifred

Initially, I painted her red ruffled dress, but I didn’t care for it.  The following day, I used a dry brush and palette knife to cover it – providing a sheer look through at the dress – much more interesting, I thought. It stresses me how different some photos of paintings look from the real thing – and not in a good way. I notice that particularly with this painting – perhaps because it’s light and the colors subtle.

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The Violinist

The Violinist  – 12×16 Oil on Gesso Panel

12×16 Portrait Oil Painting by Winifred

She “grooved” and swayed to her unique style of music. Dramatically, she lowered her head then tossed her thick black hair backwards. She played the violin using the bow but sometimes she just strummed it. 

Three Vases Still Life

Three Vases Still Life – Oil on Linen Panel 12×12 

Three Vases Oil Painting by Winifred

I’m always amazed at how much I enjoy monotone paintings and the depth which can be created in the process.   This combined with dramatic light, loose strokes and thick paint seeks to bring this painting alive.  I hope you enjoy. Winifred

Pears on Ornate Green Marble Table

 Three Pears on Green Marble Table – 11×14 Oil Painting on Linen Panel

Still life of pears on ornate table by Winifred.

I love textures paintings – as you know but they are far more difficult capture photographically than are relatively smooth paintings. 

… and below, one more painting to share, a simple vase on a linen scarf.

Still life oil painting of vase on scarf by Winifred


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Man with Dread Locks

Man with Dread Locks – 11×14 Oil on Gessoed Board

Oil Painting Portrait of Man with Dread Locks by Winifred Whitfield

I don’t often paint men’s portraits but I was inspired.   I photographed him years ago in New York. He is a photographer and was working outside on a street corner with a client. He was a bit disoriented when I stopped him and ask if I could take a couple of quick shots of him! What was I thinking!! I certainly don’t normally interrupt a photographer at work to request a photo.  He wanted to say “no” but I ask him very nicely. In the other image, he has a big smile and it is a great smile. I almost painted the other one, and for sure I prefer not to paint smiling portraits. It was fun to paint him and especially his hair.  In painting this portrait, I used my fingers ( first time for that), a palette knife and a brush for fine details.

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Apple Impasto Painting

8×8 Oil on Gessoed Board – Apple Impasto Painting

I’m enjoying painting with thick paint – even as simple as an apple. I only purchased one of these apples. It was a variety I’d never seen before. It passed all my requirements for taste and texture – it was so crisp and sweet. This is my way of sharing it’s deliciousness!

Impasto Oil Painting Still Life by Winifred