Painter 2017 – New Release

Interactive Gradient Tool/Express Paint

Painter 2017 is pretty great! Honestly!  I have to admit that the introduction of  Audio Technology was pretty wild when introduced in Painter 2016, and I used it not one time this past year!  I have not falling in love with Particle Brushes introduced in 2015 but they have formed the bases of some pretty great, more advanced technology – Dynamic Speckles Brushes, for example, so I cannot complain.

This new release, however, is just plain wonderful  and introduces so many new tools. It will change the way you work and support your many creative endeavors. You’re definitely going to want to explore it.  I would also suggest a “tour guide”.  Painter 2017 offers some amazing new features but they are complex on the front end. I will demonstrate some of these features over the next weeks and months. The new Palette Drawers are “to die for”!!

Also, there is a course being taught by Skip Allen at Digital Art Academy which will teach  Painter 2017 New Features “in order”.  I suggest that you take a look.  Our emphasis will be different, so there is no overlap.  The larger your pile of information, the better. Register NOW!

Did  I start at the beginning? Of course not. I start here by introducing you to my favorite – NEW FEATURE – at lease one of them. I hope you enjoy this 3 part tutorial series where I demonstrate the new Interactive Gradient Tool  used in combination with Express Paint.

Creative Portraits Class by Winifred

Creative Portrait Class is now open at Digital Art Academy. I am instructor for this class. It will be available for registration and enrollment through May 2016. To see a video overview of this course click hereThis promises to be a class you will love and value. Work within your skill level but explore the many creative techniques you can bring to your portrait painting. Class includes reference photos, textures, bushes, and video  tutorials you will need.  No matter your level of portrait painting experience or your portrait painting style, you will become a stronger and more creative painter.

WW Creative Portrait_001You may create a simple blender painting or a more complex freehand embellished work of art. You will become more proficient with your blending but we will also spend significant time exploring many other techniques to enhance your portrait and background.

This includes an option to practice easy but artistically painted hairstyles. You may want to paint simple sheer attire and using a layer mask add decorative elements to portrait and/or background. Images and textures are included for this process. These techniques may be used on simple blender paintings or cloned paintings. There will also be fun but instructive warm up exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

WW Creative Portrait_002 WW Creative Portrait_003 WW Creative Portrait_004

Image below was not demonstrated in class tutorials though many of the techniques used are demonstrated.  Chair and face and all clothing embellishments  were freehand painted.