Managing the Digital Art Studio

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 Managing the Digital Art Studio – Plus  Extra Content – 1 hour and 15 min of comprehensive instruction
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
 Invaluable information for creating order and a system for quickly accessing to your photos, your papers, and textures, and all things Painter. Build and save custom art supplies and unique custom palettes, Winifred tells you how. She also maintains a collection of artist inspiration images, and reference panel images and suggest you do the same.  She will share some of these with you in the Extra Content..

Extra Content:  A custom Painter Palette, an image collection for the Reference Panel  and an art inspiration collection. (This will be sent after tutorial Download)


 Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced User – 1 Hour 15 Minutes

This is comprehensive tutorial. During the first hour Winifred carefully explains how you can organize your files and folders  for ease of access to your photos, your papers, textures and all things Painter. This may well be the most organized file and folder system for you have ever seen.  Know where everything is and can get to it in a “flash” – the point of this process!! The system comprehensive but simple and saves you time and aggravation. Find the things you need or the folders you want to save to – NOW! 

Winifred shows how she builds and saves “art supplies” such as custom palettes, paper, pattern and image libraries and demonstrates how you capture items for these libraries and save them.  She maintains a collection if artist reference images, and  discusses how and why she collects and uses art inspiration images and suggest that you do so also. (a starter set in included for you).  Winifred walks you through  her unique and comprehensive custom palette/s with unusual icons and explains how and why it was created as such.  You will also learn how to create creative custom icons for your Custom Palette. You will learn how to create organize and manage your brushes, how to create  “brush looks”, how to make custom icons for your custom palette,  She will share the types of texture she uses to quickly create background interest in her paintings …. and more!
(Extra  content will be sent within 12 hours of your order purchase )
~ Custom Palette 
~ A starter Art Inspiration Collection which included a large library of John Singer Sargent images, Pino paintings and more.