Portrait Basics and Beyond – Corel Painting Training


You will create a simple blended portrait. Includes extensive instruction painting backgrounds,  changing hair styles, adding scarves and shawls, and other features, to give a portrait subject an entirely different look. Freehand painting exercises included. 



During this series of tutorials, you will learn to create a simple blended portrait but you will learn to go  further by changing the background, the hair style, You may add scarves and shawls, You’ll have the option of altering the eyes in order to give a portrait subject an entirely different look.  I  demonstrate how I do this. This is a tutorial you can use now for it’s basic instructional on blending painting, but it allows an option to grow using the more advanced techniques it offers.  You will learn to use the image portfolio to quickly bring in images I provide, to apply to a background using a layer mask. 

In aa separate video you will be guided and hopefully inspired to do practice exercises to support you in painting very simple freehand objects. Many are thinking “I can’t do that” – but I think “yes you can”!  It will bee fun – please just try.  No one will see this practice except you and  – no straight lines are required!!
Extra Content
Brush Categories
Inspiration Images
Practice Photos
Italy Background Photos
Paper Library
Optional Freehand Painting Practice Exercises
Winifred’s Custom Command Palette