“Hello everyone.   I am liking this perch”

On a farm you can just about see anything but who would expect to see a 31/2 old baby on the roof of one of my sheds.

“Don’t drop me dad … Hold a little tighter!

It was quite a sight.  the fact is than although the shed looks a normal height in a  front view,

there is a hill behind it making it quite simple to take an easy step to access the backside of the roof.

“An apple, what’s an apple?”

Charles, Emily and baby Landon will soon live at my farm and will own it an love it and care for it as I have – there is no doubt.

Emily, is already challenging engineers about what she can and cannot do and she will for certain

host weddings in the gardens again. Charles has fallen in love with the 2 remaining llamas and when

he is out to sea he signs his messages “llama , Charles” instead of  Love, Charles.

Emily doesn’t mind.

“Hey dad, can you keep that sun off of me?”

“Wow, it’s a long way down there.”

“Here I am new to this big world, independent and unassisted.”

” Where is my mommy? Oh yeah – right behind me – you’ve got my feet!  Thanks mom.”  Landon