Winifred Makes Portraits Paintings Sizzle

It is no secret that I love to paint and I am also considered a versatile painter.  I can create paintings in a variety of painting styles.  Some of  these images you will love, some you may not.  That is fine –  the idea is to create and personal paintings which you, your family or your clients will love in your personal style.

In several of my online galleries, you will see some beautiful but pretty traditional painting styles.  I have created this post to show you some ways I have ‘ramped’ it up a bit, including one painting from imagination and a couple of portrait paintings with patterns at the very bottom.  I can hardly believe how many “hats” I have painted.  I love to paint women in hats.  Even my painting from imagination included a hat. Alas, you might have guessed, I wear a sun hat everyday of the Summer if I am in the sun.

If you would like to increase your painting skills or if you are just starting as a beginner  one of my personalized training workshops, “Almost One to One” might be just what you are looking for. Please visit my Store to preview my Tutorials and take a look at my Personalized Training Workshops.

I hope you enjoy the images which follow.  Thank you.  Winifred Whitfield

Personalized Online Training – Almost One to One

Lady on a Pillow

Mysterious Lady with Veil


Lady of Gold – Painting from Imagination


Don’t Spill the Martini

Flower in Her Hair

Lady with Umbrella

Her Back

Big Curls

The Picture Taker


Girls Got to Have Fun

Yellow Hat

Flowers in Her Hat

I also enjoy Making and painting with Patterns in Painter.  The following are a couple of examples.

Lady with Pearls


Thank You! Winifred

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Corel Painter 12.1 – Fun Painting

I thought I would try something different.  I am a huge fan of playing and experimenting.  To do so even with the “camera running” is even a greater challenge.  This is painting from imagination, just quickly putting the brush down as the image comes to mind.  If course the video speed was increased fur entertainment value.  I hope you enjoy. Winifred

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Painting Italian Street Scenes 2

Focusing  on Perspective

I chose this image to paint. It has strong leading lines and a lovely outdoor cafe.

I simplified the structure as shown in the diagram below.

Determining the horizon line is not scientific but one was chosen along

A vanishing point was also identified.

This is the final painting.

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Expressive Brush Strokes

I have been creating beautiful portrait paintings for  my clients for many years now.  However, I have been very conservative with my brushstrokes.  My clients have tended to want a more smooth look in their painting – or perhaps that was simply my projection.  I think I will begin to veer away from this from time to time. Skin will always be smooth but I can create greater expressions within other aspects of the painting.  The following is one such example.  The response to this painting has been very favorable.  Ultimately, I want to make my clients “thrilled” with their portrait and I will always stay with in their  comfort level.

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Create “Flower Girl” Portraits in Corel Painter or Photoshop

Creating Flower Girls

You have seen my “flower girls” posted in a previous blog. I made this video to show you how to create them. It is quick and easy  – unless you choose to paint them as I did.  But for this video, I chose to do a non painted demo just to show the technique. I think you will find it interesting –  I hope you will enjoy.

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Concept Artist Inspired Image

Allow Your Creativity to Soar

This was my  painting  yesterday.

Where does it all come from!

I like it.  It’s fun. Actually I was inspired by some of the concept artist – illustrators  who design for games and other animation.  This was my  twist on it.

Can you believe  even that the necklace was painted.  No photo here.  I have great brushes which do not come with Corel Painter – which allow me to create a painting like this – brushes created by David Gell

I never fully  envisioned this.  I just start with the sketchiest of an idea and keep putting one foot in front of the other following my inner guide.  If I had known what I was doing from the beginning, it would not take so long.

Download Concept Glow Brushes from Jitter Brush

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Merry Christmas from Winifred

Merry Christmas

I wish you a very Merry Christmas or  a happy holiday in whatever form you celebrate it.   I wish your spirits to experience joy and celebration.  As we look forward to 2012 we leave behind the challenges and opportunities of this year in anticipation of  greater joy and creativity for the year to come.  It will be as we make it.  Whether you  spend the holidays alone, or with friends or family, our happiness lives within us.  I wish you peace. Winifred

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Creating Warmth and Mood with Color and Light

Color harmony, warm tones and light help to create mood and beauty.

This is a  painting I created  recently with what is probably my favorite color palette.

I love gold, brown and red tones.

There was no cloning involved in creating this image, not even a vase of flowers to look at.  I just opened Painter and started to paint.  I painted a background . I then painted the other elements of the bouquet on layers – all the while envisioning direction of light. Strong composition is always important.

During our workshops we will discuss the importance  of these elements in creating a pleasing painting.  Happy Holidays. Warmly, Winifred

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An Average Day in NY

Perhaps there is nothing really average about any day in New York.  First I met a new friend at the new Dream Hotel on 16th ST.  I has been open only 6 months.  It is a “boutique hotel” and the decor is just stunning.  I wanted to view his rug  samples – i am going to design a line of high end  contemporary rugs.

Then we went off for a great lunch followed by a preview an upcoming art auction at Christies Auction House.  WOW!! I could have been at a museum.  One of our favorites if not the favorite was a Keith Haring print. It was a large piece, had a real story to it and very powerful graphics.  I didn’t attend the auction a couple of days later – but HE GOT IT!!!!!

Then I went to the  Rockefeller Center ice skating rink. It is very near Christies Auction. Such a beautiful day – somewhere between cool and warm. It was delightful to see the skaters.

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Winifred Whitfield Featured Artist at ChocMo’s Grand Opening

Staying in Motion

Some wise person ~ I forgot who ~  said to  ” stay in motion”.  Some might think this includes  just “spinning your wheels, digging deeper and going no where, but I have never found this to be the case for me. I think Peter Crabtree would agree. He stays in motion also.  A friend of mine, Bonita Doerkson suggested that we have a glass of wine one evening.  “Let’s go to ChocMo” she said – “it’s just opening.”   For a glass of wine – no problem for me.  I entered this new space – only open for 3 days at the time – at least as the newly expanded and renamed place that is is.  Many know the previous and smaller version CBC.  I never really knew what it was. I knew it had something to do with chocolates but this is not one of my addictions – as it is for most.  I found this new environment lovely.  It was elegant.  I liked it’s spaciousness, the textures and color of  the wood used and the color of the walls and furniture.   It was so me!

It was a quiet evening so we had the opportunity to visit with Peter Crabtree, it’s owner.  I also had the opportunity to hear his story and his vision for this  altered and expanded venture.  Many know the story of Peter’s beginnings with chocolates in high school only 6 years ago.  He was taking a culinary class and had the opportunity to make chocolates – the kind with the hard outside and the soft center.  Peter was immediately fascinated with this.  He began to make and sell chocolates after school, then at the farmer’s markets, then had the small retail space just next to the State Liquor  store in Poulsbo  … and now … introducing ChocMo.

The much bigger, much fancier, expanded version of Peter’s dream

Now it is much more than chocolates.  I ask Peter that night what he was going to do with all of those blank walls.  “I want to feature a new artist each month” he replied.    Well, we figured this out in only and instant and he did not have much longer that that before his “Grand Opening would occur about 10 days away.  If I can respond at all, I can normally respond at great speed.  I brought one load of my beautifully framed portraits back that night, and the next load a couple of days later.   Creating a professional looking installation of about 30 large pieces was another matter and for this I went to Derek Gundy, quite and excellent artist himself who manages Artist Edge in Poulsbo.

Winifred’s portrait exhibit and the environment Peter created are beautiful together.

The portraits will be in place through the end of May. They will then be transported and exhibited in Columbia Bank in Port Ludlow, WA  during the month of June.



And then there was the GRAND Opening  on April 30th and what a day it was.








A good and a very delicious time was had by all.

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