Negative Watercolor Painting

Negative Painting in Corel Painter 12 – Painting on the Outside

I bet you never heard the term “negative” painting before.  I had not until today – in my online class with Skip Allen, my watercolor instructor at the Digital Art Academy.  There was quite a bit of discussion about this term.  First of all it is a watercolor term, and it refers to painting in the negative space, the space which surrounds the focal point of your painting, to give the subject of your  depth and luminosity. That as opposed to doing substantial positive painting  on the subject of the painting itself.  Am I being clear? Hopefully looking at my finished image helps.  In case you are interested, Skip gave us references  of a couple of watercolor painters who do “negative” watercolor painting,

Jeannie McGuire

Linda Kemp

Calla Lily by Winifred

I would say that it definitely does have a different look to it and I do like it.

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