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November 16th, 2011

NIK Software – X-Rite Color Management Webinar

To set yourself apart you need to give your customers unique images that are more than what they can create themselves. Your images need to reach higher, be greater, give your customers that “WOW!” factor.

Winifred Whitfield is a photographer and digital painter. In this webinar she will demonstrate how precise color management and Nik Software give her the competitive edge to produce her stylized images. Winifred uses Nik Software to enhance her images, add structure, and even provide the artistic color palette that launches her creative process. Her creative workflow depends on precise color management with X-Rite solutions and begins and ends with Nik Software. Winifred will show you how she prepares the images in Photoshop with Nik Software before she begins the painting process and how she enhances her paintings with Nik Software as a final step.

Video Tutorials

A quick and easy way to keep your favorite brushes and commands at your finger tip. If you have not created a custom palette, you will not want to miss this video.

Creating Custom Palettes in Corel Painter 12

Creating Custom Icons in Corel Painter 12


View sample image progression in slide show below:


Webinar is 1 hour 35 minutes taking a studio photo through

Winifred’s process of creating  the digitally painted image above.


4 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS /TRAINING/Global

  1. Great class. I learned a lot about painting with light and the workshop also gave me the confidence to get back into my own art again. Thank you for such an inspirational workshop Pat and Winifred.

  2. I had the good fortune of attending Winifred’s 2-day Creativity Workshop. What an extraordinary experience!

    Winifred Whitfield, an award-winning photoartist teamed up with Patrick Ciatto, a veteran photographer, teacher and competition judge to share their knowledge with a small group of us.

    On Day 1, Patrick instructed us in the essentials of camera settings, lighting, and composition. It was exciting to be in a studio environment with models to see how his process works. He also taught us easy-to-understand principles which are essential to learn the craft of photography.

    On Day 2, Winifred shared her technical skills and artistic talent with us. We had the opportunity to walk through a hands-on demonstration of the various ways to artistically enhance photographic images in Photoshop.

    I feel I have a whole new insight in what makes a good photograph and how to digitally make it even better. By learning the tools in Photoshop one can find creative ways to take their images to WOW!

    Thank you Winifred and Patrick for peaking my interest in photography and the lessons I will continue to learn as a result of attending Winifred’s Creativity Workshop.

    Carol Kaufman

  3. Is there a way I can watch the NIK webinar?  It was full today, and it’s password protected?

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