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Venice in the Rain

It was two years ago when I visited Venice with a friend from New York. I have now completed a 6 painting series of “Venice at Night”, primarily in the rain. I most enjoy creating figurative paintings which you can feel and which tell stories. I think I have a few such paintings here. During the process, I got to experience the magic of Venice again.

Venice in the Rain 16×20 Oil Painting Panel – by Winifred
Two Women Walking in the Rain in Venice – 12×16 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred Whitfield
Lady with Umbrella and Others 16×20 on Linen Panel by Winifred
Window Shopping at Night in Venice – 16×20 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred Whitfield
Lady in Rain in Venice at night. 12×16 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred Whitfield

To complete the series, I include below the first painting I started with – previously posted. The location is Murano, Italy and during the day.

Weather in Murano 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred

I hope you enjoy these images. Soon I will commence images of the canals and Gondolas.

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