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Lady in Bustier

Woman in Bustier 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

This painting began as a black and white photo, but I wanted to make it more than sepia tone. Painting it is color with it’s various color nuances was interesting. The lighting is dramatic and I can remember taking this photo in my studio years ago. I like it and I like the painting.

After I’ve worked for days on a very serious portrait as above, I most often select a photo to paint which easily allows me to PLAY – as was the case below. It creates a kind of balance within me. There’s the desire to just throw paint around. Any color, shape or brushstroke is almost acceptable, although I still attempt to achieve overall color harmony and composition. Lots of thick brush strokes are providing texture which of course does not photograph well. I did have fun! Hope you enjoy both. Hope you are very well. Winifred

Loosening Up
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