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In the past, I’ve created many digital paintings using Corel Painter software and various electronic pen and pad tools. Most of the paintings in this gallery were created from my imagination. Some were inspired by artist Matisse, Modigliani, Renoir and Van Gogh. I have taught several artist-inspired classes when I taught at the Digital Art Academy. 



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Toll Both Attendant – New York

Tool Both Attendant New York by Winifred Whitfield Oil Painting 9×12.

While paused at the toll both in New York, not sure which bridge, I ask the attendant, wearing her orange uniform top, if I could take a snap. She had such a warm and friendly face. you can see she said yes. It wasn’t to be a glamorous shot, just a normal person at work. For a long time, I haven’t known how to approach a painting from the photo reference. This is what I decided on. I wish I could find her to allow her to see herself through my eyes. I think she might like it.

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