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From My Garden

Roses from My Garden, Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

Most often, but not always, I paint artificial flowers. This time, however, I went to my tiny garden and cut from my shrub rose bush I’ve had for 4 years. I don ‘t typically cut nor paint fresh flowers. I prefer to leave growing flowers in place. Most likely, they wouldn’t last long enough anyway. Even when I had a huge garden, it was the same. This rose is not such a great one. II’ve had great roses of many varieties but they can grow to be really huge and I have no room for that. My shrub roses are OK, if not great for painting. They don’t have long stems, only weak thorny stems. I cut a few, then wondered how to contain them. I wanted to use my brass cup which has the large opening of a cup. That wouldn’t work – until a smaller container I could insert could be found. It worked. I took photos and used the photos and fresh roses to work from. The already prepped and textured panel was perfect for this effort. This panel was 3 years old just waiting to be chosen. I was ready to go. Above is the painting. II like it. I has a vintage look, helped along by the texture of the panel. I particularly love the green of the foliage – shiny and bright. It makes me think it is a live plant.

Hope your week was good. Winifred

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