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My passion is creating fine art and  intimate heirloom portraits for clients which possess a high level of emotional content and beauty. More than seeing an image, I want you to feel it. I want it to convey a story about you. Such are the images which remain with us. Such are the images we pause to investigate. Please allow a moment for the art work to load.

Digital Painting I am a painter. The paintings you see were painted with an electronic stylus, which I hold in my hand, which looks much like a longer larger version of a fancy ball point pen. It is The Wacom Art Pen.  I use it on an electronic tablet, the WACOM Intuos Pro.  I paint using Corel Painter software and I teach the use of this software as well. The process is much the same as painting traditionally, except I use different tools.  I love to create paintings for my clients which are then printed on canvas  or watercolor paper. I also create photograph which are then beautifully retouched for business or personal use.  In either case, I am very happy to create your very special image. Please browse the Galleries for the style of photography or painting which interest you. Winifred Whitfield - Girl with Pearls There are many galleries to be found. Please call me with any questions you may have.  I will gladly schedule a complimentary  consultation. Warmly, Winifred 

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  • Walter Tucker

    I sure did enjoy your Painting Portraits with Passion today.
    Walter Tucker

    • http://winifredwhitfireld.photofrappe.com/ Winifred Whitfield

      Thank you very much Walter

  • Kerry C. Mitchell

    Wow, Winifred, you are one extremely talented artist. I just love your art, especially the colors you use. I saw several of your videos on You Tube and looked through your galleries. What fun for me.

    • http://winifredwhitfireld.photofrappe.com/ Winifred Whitfield

      Thank you Kerry. So glad you enjoyed your visit and I hope you come again. Warm Wishes, Winifred

      • Kerry C. Mitchell

        I subscribed to your blog on my Word Press Reader.

  • Bonnie Beechler

    I had to check this out Winifred; I am impressed by all you have accomplished. I look forward to seeing your work in our Fall class together at DAA!

    • http://winifredwhitfireld.photofrappe.com/ Winifred Whitfield

      Thank you Bonnie, It is a fun class. Be sure to view my videos on Painting with Patterns as well. I look forward to seeing your work. I am so busy these days, I have not been able to view and respond as I would like but I will look for you.


    Hello Winifred I am amazed by your beautiful work!

  • Aldodi

    Hi, this is a recent painting dgital make from learning from your tutorial Man In White Shirt Thanks from Venezuela!