An Average Day in NY

Perhaps there is nothing really average about any day in New York.  First I met a new friend at the new Dream Hotel on 16th ST.  I has been open only 6 months.  It is a “boutique hotel” and the decor is just stunning.  I wanted to view his rug  samples – i am going to design a line of high end  contemporary rugs.

Then we went off for a great lunch followed by a preview an upcoming art auction at Christies Auction House.  WOW!! I could have been at a museum.  One of our favorites if not the favorite was a Keith Haring print. It was a large piece, had a real story to it and very powerful graphics.  I didn’t attend the auction a couple of days later – but HE GOT IT!!!!!

Then I went to the  Rockefeller Center ice skating rink. It is very near Christies Auction. Such a beautiful day – somewhere between cool and warm. It was delightful to see the skaters.

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Sunflowers for Always

I have finally gotten around to painting my sunflowers.  Sunflowers are very high on my “favorites” list. Like many if my favorite images I just hold onto them until they tell me how they want to be portrayed.

This is the first one that I painted using new impasto brushes I downloaded from Skip Allen which he calls “Bristle Dabs”.  These electronic brushes are free and available to use without restriction.  It was the first time I painted with impasto styled brushes which give the great texture and loft to the brush stroke.  I love the texture throughout the image.

I followed this painting with a painting of a different sunflower – a little more “Charlie Brown” looking but  I enjoy it also.

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A Treasure from Florence

Treasures come in many forms. I took a photo when Florence in 2007.  For the past years I kept it. When ever I looked through my files I paused to re experience the moment. I also knew this image was special – it had a story to be told, it was to be special. It was only recently that I knew what this image was to become. I painted it. This lady will never know it but now she will live forever as a very special piece of art.

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Creating Custom Palettes in Corel Painter 12

Creating Custom Palettes

There is an easy way to create a  custom pallet  or custom palettes where your favorite brushes and shortcuts reside.  Painter 12 has made a couple of changes to this process in addition to providing us with many more shortcuts we can add.  If you have not created a custom pallet  for yourself or don’t know how to do so, you will not want to miss  this video.

Happy Painting.