Reflections in Metal

8×8  Oil Paintings on Primed Panel

Still life with silver goblet and other by Winifred

Silver Goblet with Antique Bowl, Purple Brass Trimmed Glass and Grapes

I find the purple, the gold, the silver the reds, give such a sense of elegance and formality.  I enjoy the light, the bounced shadows and  the little details.  Often I stay away from  these kinds of details, but  in this case, I think it strengthens and supports the story and setting for this still life.

Below: Silver Sugar Bowl with Mandarin Oranges and Grapes

Still life by Winifred Whitfield

In this painting, I used looser brush strokes and increases paint texture, the reflections are vivid. Notice the ring of “five” Mandarin oranges. Reflections count in design and composition.


4 thoughts on “Reflections in Metal

    • Thank you Barb. Other that still teaching online workshops, I’ve not been painting digitally. I am enjoying learning this oil medium and truly get to explore on a deeper level what some of the classical great artist have created. I am fascinated by this, both artistically (always have been) and now technically as well. I do pop into Painter once in a while. It’s a great way to figure out how to resolve an artistic concern before painting with oil. Thank you for sharing my journey via my blog. Winifred

  1. Lovely work, Winifred. Reflections must be a challenge given the unique distortions. I love the colors, too. They are rich, indeed!

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