Portrait of Despair

Portrait of Despair

12 x16  Oil painting Portrait onTextured Gessoed Panel

Portrait of a Woman in Despair – 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

It’s been a tough year of hurricanes, wild fires, flooding, mass murder, racial and other interest group violence and political hostility. Despair, hopelessness, loss seem but a heartbeat away and often central to the fabric of our lives. 

I painted this portrait depicting anguish and despair because I wanted to document this emotion. On some level,  at one time or another, to one extent or another, we have all known loss, agony, distress, grief, heartbreak, anxiety, worry, discouragement, and or despondency. I see such stories posted on Facebook and in the news – now it seems all the time.  And – because we are so interconnected, there is no escaping from the shared pain. The specific reasons for this emotion in the photo are not important and will not be discussed.  However, I think it might be of value to take a moment to connect with your particular sadness through this  image, and then breathe back into your strength and courage to move forward.

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    • Hi Doreen, I appreciate your comment. Her pain is what inspired this painting. We’ve all been there. Thank you. Winifred

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