Melting Flowers

Melting Flowers Oil Painting 12×16 on Panel – by Winifred Whitfield

Melting: It happened without thought. I wanted to soften the edges a bit. It started on the red flower side. When I got to the bottom I dragged the brush down just a little further and I liked it. I dragged it longer – even better. I was entering new territory. I decided to just go for it – wherever it would take me – it didn’t matter what would happen – and this was the result. Pretty fun.

I corrected several paintings this week. That felt good – they’ve been accumulating in my studio. It’s unsettling for me after I “see” more clearly to just leave a painting in this state. For one painting it was a 3rd iteration of correction but it is truly better now and it is a paining that I value, hence worth the effort.

In a couple days, I will post a new VENICE painting – perhaps 2. Hope you’re staying safe and finding a way to enjoy your increased “at home time”. Winifred

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8 thoughts on “Melting Flowers

  1. The melting effect was interesting. I can see your interest in it.
    So excited about another Venice painting, Winifred. You are indeed making great use of your “at home” time.

    • Hi Dee,
      You say “interesting” also. I like that. I’m excited about the upcoming Venice paintings as well. Perhaps, I’ll do them one at a time – one tomorrow!

  2. This is definitely an interesting piece. Really draws your eye to the pink flower as the rest just melt away.

    • It’s experimental – and I like “interesting” – most often I prefer “interesting” to “pretty” because I’m taking chances. Anyway, the time may come when I actually need such a technique. Please stay well.

  3. These are beautiful .. I love the pink one the best 🙂 ( EDITED) I love your art .. and I love how it evokes feelings and memories too! Thank you!

  4. So glad you like the flowers Barbara. I edited your comment – removing only the memories you expressed from your childhood. I hope you understand. W

  5. An appropriate painting for our time when reality is melting into another realm for so many. I’m staying focused on the pink flower holding its shape … but for how long? I love your paintings; as you know I do. A little surrealism makes the viewing even more enjoyable.

    • Thank you Maria. That pink flower does command attention. A little surrealism adds an unexpected bit of interest. I enjoyed.

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