Closing Out The Year

 Vase and Fruit Still Life – Oil on Linen – 11×14

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   Soon we’ll get to start all over again and hopefully make 2018 meaningful to ourselves and  those we love.  

I am constantly challenged by painting.  I didn’t think I would get another painting completed this year but here it is 5 a.m. New Years Eve and I have two new paintings completed!!  I decided to paint the vase from the still life  first – as a stand alone  – just incase I couldn’t get the more complex still life finished in time.

Below is the full still life painting as set up in my studio. You can see in it the vase I painted above. I can now eat the Mandarine oranges.

11×14 Still life Oil Painting – Vase and Fruit by Winifred

I’ve been studying some of the techniques  and painting products of  the old masters and have incorporated some of these products into my work.  Not only is the painting surface textured but my paint is made and mixed with products now, which give me an entirely different brush stroke look.  I love it!! It’s so interesting.  I made 3 new  painting oils this past week as well.  It is complex to do but I remain fascinated.

Sincerely, in 2018, I am wish you the healthiest, happiest and most prosperous new year ever.  Thank you for sharing this very special past 6 months as I began to paint with oils.  Winifred

2 thoughts on “Closing Out The Year

  1. You are so in-depth with your traditional painting (figuratively and literally). Love the work you are producing — am enjoying your work so much. I wish you a Happy 2018, Winifred… may it be kind to you and fire your imagination and creativity!

    • Thank you very much Isabelle. I appreciate your comments. I am enjoying the impasto very much and the processes I use to create the thickened paint along with palette Knife – sometimes a brush to apply it. I will be showing you lots more in the future. Happy New Year. Winifred

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