The Violinist

The Violinist  – 12×16 Oil on Gesso Panel

12×16 Portrait Oil Painting by Winifred

She “grooved” and swayed to her unique style of music. Dramatically, she lowered her head then tossed her thick black hair backwards. She played the violin using the bow but sometimes she just strummed it. 

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4 thoughts on “The Violinist

  1. Hi Winifred I follow you for a while now and I think you are getting better, the style is fantastic and I like to see more of your paintings, I’m doing drawing portraits with graphite Pencil and not Corel Painter as much. Sorry for my English Greetings, Thea

    • Thank you Thea. Improvement is what happens, hopefully, with time and practice. Thank you for joining me on this journey. W

    • Thank you Mayra. I enjoy the rather classical look of the Violinist. Painting the hands was completely stressful!!

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