A Visit to Lisa and Frank Phipp’s Farm and Gardens

Lisa Phipps Sitting  on her new CONCRETE Raised Beds with her Dog  Lola

It was the scheduled photo session for Dee Cappola’s  photos session and she chose Lisa and Frank Phipps’  farm and Gardens for the session.  What a beautiful venue it is – not only the setting but the borrowed view as well as the unique  structures, planting areas, and unique structures throughout  the 10 acre property along with the her favorites the chickens and her dogs.

A Golden Polish Top Hat

I think the chickens in so many varieties are her favorites.


The chickens are looked upon by Lola with great interest.


Lola wants chicken for dinner!!


Funny  Sign  –  Favorite Friends



“New Dog House” Under the Stairs



Lisa with Dee Coppola relaxing.

The photo session was successful.

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If all continues according to my plans, this will be my last summer in my current gardens.

What a journey it has been from the 6 acre working farm environment I found

to the charming and romantic gardens which I created here. This image was taken from

the same spot as the one above it several years later. More than 50 weddings have taken place in the

gardens. Garden groups came from far and wide.  So many  summer parties have been hosted in these gardens  and it

has served as a venue for many non profit and political events. Ultimately it became my portrait park with it’s many

beautiful vignettes against which to create interesting and beautiful portrait backgrounds.

The blind and the hearing impaired came to touch the large foliage, of the Pedicides (sp),

and  the soft fuzzy foliage of the  lambs ear, the prickles of the many specimen conifers.

There is the sweet fragrance of  honeysuckle and roses.The garden has been shown on HGTV’S

“The Good Life”.  Alas for me it is a work of art complete. People ask me how I can leave it.

It is actually not hard.  I evolved into an artist in this garden.  I am ready to move on.

So much of my time is now spent in front of a computer creating other forms of art which I love.

All is good.