Venice in the Rain

It was two years ago when I visited Venice with a friend from New York. I have now completed a 6 painting series of “Venice at Night”, primarily in the rain. I most enjoy creating figurative paintings which you can feel and which tell stories. I think I have a few such paintings here. During the process, I got to experience the magic of Venice again.

Venice in the Rain 16×20 Oil Painting Panel – by Winifred
Two Women Walking in the Rain in Venice – 12×16 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred Whitfield
Lady with Umbrella and Others 16×20 on Linen Panel by Winifred
Window Shopping at Night in Venice – 16×20 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred Whitfield
Lady in Rain in Venice at night. 12×16 Oil Painting on Panel by Winifred Whitfield

To complete the series, I include below the first painting I started with – previously posted. The location is Murano, Italy and during the day.

Weather in Murano 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred

I hope you enjoy these images. Soon I will commence images of the canals and Gondolas.

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Renoir Inspired – Part One

  Winifred Whitfield discussed her upcoming class beginning May 2nd at Digital Art Academy, Renoir Inspired – Part 1. She reviews the Ultimate Impressionist brush category she has created and is provided to Part 1 of this class. She will demonstrate Auto Painting techniques for creating an impressionist look in backgrounds and overlays. She will demonstrate the use of Fractal Patterns  to create dramatic lighting effects in Painter. Students will create these resources and utilize these techniques to create simple impressionist looking paintings. One  such painting will be that of water lilies.

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Winifred Whitfield – Offering Classes at Digital Art Academy

“MATISSE INSPIRED” Registration is open NOW!! Class starts September 1st, 2014

Instructor: Winifred Whitfield

There will be a class limit of 25 so please register soon. I am very excited. This is going to be so much fun for me and for you. It has been difficult – as you can imagine not showing you any of the images I have been painting both for my own practice and as examples but now I can begin to share a few with you. You won’t be creating my images, you will be creating your very own. They can be as simple or complex as you like. This image shows the themes, however, for the 3 weeks of class. 

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Matisse Inspired -DAAFB

A Visit to Lisa and Frank Phipp’s Farm and Gardens

Lisa Phipps Sitting  on her new CONCRETE Raised Beds with her Dog  Lola

It was the scheduled photo session for Dee Cappola’s  photos session and she chose Lisa and Frank Phipps’  farm and Gardens for the session.  What a beautiful venue it is – not only the setting but the borrowed view as well as the unique  structures, planting areas, and unique structures throughout  the 10 acre property along with the her favorites the chickens and her dogs.

A Golden Polish Top Hat

I think the chickens in so many varieties are her favorites.


The chickens are looked upon by Lola with great interest.


Lola wants chicken for dinner!!


Funny  Sign  –  Favorite Friends



“New Dog House” Under the Stairs



Lisa with Dee Coppola relaxing.

The photo session was successful.

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