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Looking for Painter or Portrait Painting Tutorials

Hi, I realize that learning to paint is complex.   Corel Painter has created some software options to assist you with this. In my STORE, I offer an extensive collection of full length,  detailed  tutorials primarily created to assist you with portrait painting in Corel Painter.

I also offer private online training workshops, customized One to One training, which will  assist you in developing greater proficiency in Corel Painter or whatever your area of interest.  This training often includes assistance in Photoshop if this is your desire. This training is customized – just for you!!

Youtube Training Tutorials

On my Youtube channel, I have created for you 80 “how to” Corel Painting Tutorials which  These Corel Painter tutorials are designed to focus on many specific features of Painter. Some are short, several are longer, 20 minutes to an hour, designed to give you detailed information about particular Painter features. Click to browse these videos and please subscribe to my channel. Winifred’s Youtube Channel


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    • Hi Keith, Thank you very much. I’m not sure when you left this comment, but I appreciate it. Learning to use Painter is a journey. I hope you enjoy yours. Practice is the key. At this time I am developing more skills and techniques in traditional oil painting. Please visit my blog to see what I’ve been up to and please subscribe and enjoy your painting. Winifred

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