Painting in Photoshop

Recently, I decided that I would learn to paint in Photoshop. I have been painting in Corel Painter for many years. I am currently using Photoshop CS6, but the mixer brushes I use are available in CS5 as well.  For all of those who have resisted learning to paint because you did not want to learn a new and complex program to paint with, this may be the way for you to go. I would have to say that painting in Photoshop “Rocks”.  I am able to create beautiful and expressive images in so many styles. Some are shown below.

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Portrait – Guatemalan Girl in Doorway

Unfinished Oil Portrait of Girl in Doorway – by Winifred

The reference photo for this Oil painting was provided by Daphne and Art Carlyle – Thank You!!  I loved the image for it’s overall design and emotional content.  It’s not finished (notably hand and area around hand) and I rarely post unfinished work – but I may not finish it because I have so much to do right now and I wanted to show you one of the paintings I’ve been working on.




Below is a detail of her pretty face.

Head Detail – From Guatemalan Girl in Doorway Portrait

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