Fine Art Paintings by Winifred



In the past, I’ve created many digital paintings using Corel Painter software and various electronic pen and pad tools. Most of the paintings in this gallery were created from my imagination. Some were inspired by artist Matisse, Modigliani, Renoir and Van Gogh. I have taught several artist-inspired classes when I taught at the Digital Art Academy. 



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Venice – Crescent Moon and Sparkling Lights

I found the dramatic patterns of light so beautiful – from the moon to the rippling reflections in the canal. Set against centuries old buildings with a dark silhouetted skyline – that for me is the whole story.

Crescent Moon and Sparkling Light Oil Painting 16×20 Linen Panel by Winifred Whitfield

  1. Melting Flowers 8 Replies
  2. Daydreaming 13 Replies
  3. A Bit of Cheer 8 Replies
  4. Mainly Foliage 8 Replies
  5. Little Girl with Her Rocks 8 Replies
  6. Beads in Her Hair 4 Replies
  7. Portrait of Despair 10 Replies
  8. Venice Italy – Walking in the Rain 7 Replies
  9. Venice Italy – Gondola Under Canal Bridge 16 Replies