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Sunflower Seeds and Stems on a Brick

11×14 Oil Painting on a Panel

Sunflower Stem and Seeds Oil Painting by Winifred

Not long ago, I paint sunflowers with petals drooping and falling off.

This time, I decided to create a sunflower painting at a stage when all it’s yellow petals had dropped. What you see is the rather stiff green bract, located behind the petals. I find every aspect of the sunflower’s structure and development beautiful and quite fascinating. Initially I set up a single flower head, but two provided much more interest. For this still life set up, I used sunlight  beaming through my window blinds to provide dramatic light.  I’m pretty happy with the painting. I may have it cut it to a square in order to alter the design so the bottom flower is not dead center.  Hope you like it.

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