Pets and the People Who Love Them

We love our pets, we are worried to death if they become ill or lost, not to mention the devastation we feel if we lose one.   They are members of the family and they deserve that special ongoing place in our lives with a portrait.  It can be serious or playful. It can be taken inside my studio or outdoors. Capturing their unique personality  will be my goal.

Please call to discuss a session for your pet – in studio or on location.  we will create an experience you will not forget.


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Murano Italy – Round the Corner

So far there have been no images from Italy without rain and umbrellas. Umbrellas simply add something a little special – a bit of color often and an interesting shape. Raincoats also tend to be bright and colorful such as the teal blue my friend Betsy is wearing. Place this against the beautiful color and texture of buildings and pavers and it’s enticing to paint.

Murano – Round the Corner Oil Painting 9×12 by Winifred Whitfield

A sure sign of spring is tulips. Not a flower I normally paint but no reason why not. I added interest by choosing to back-light them. To photograph, I placed the small vase of flowers on the banister of my balcony and photographed it from the shadow side.

Impasto Tulips in Spring Oil Painting 8×10 by Winifred Whitfield

Hence we see the bright sunlit edges of the tulips and their foliage against the sky and a vacant lot across the street. In both paintings I’m enjoying the texture of the thick paint.

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