4×6 Floral Series

Spring Bouquet Oil Painting 4×6 Cradle Box – by Winifred

During the last 10 days I painted these six 4×6 paintings – all on cradle boxes I’ve had for more than 2 years. It was an interesting process. I felt I could experiment and take more chances than I otherwise might. I could allow my brush to move and sway and dip into various colors without a care in the world. I could select from thick paint and thin paint. I enjoyed the process and the results. In the beginning, I was more successful with the free flowing process than a subsequent paintings when I began to tighten up – but not too badly.

Orange and Blue Floral Oil Painting 4×6 Panel Cradle Box – by Winifred

I had fun with color movement and texture.

Simply Red Oil Painting on 4×6 Cradle Box – by Winifred

… and more color. I don’t think I’ve ever used a solid color background before – always thinking it better to include some painterly patterns or texture. I now think a simply solid background can be just perfect.

Bouquet with Crochet – 4×6 Oil Painting on Cradle Box – by Winifred

Above I created an old fashioned look, a vase of roses and my first crocheted doily.

Bouquet on Pedestal Oil Painting 4×6 on Panel Cradle Box
– by Winifred

I enjoy playing with light as well as color. I have not used the above still life location before but I certainly will again. I placed a 3 foot garden pedestal on my stairway under a skylight. I could envision that this would create interesting light effects and it did.

Spring Impression Oil Painting on 4×6 Cradle Box by Winifred

This was actually the first 4×6 I painted. It reminds me of a spring breeze.

During the next week, I will paint the edges of the 3/4 cradle boxes these are painted on. I will then apply gold foil to the edges. Right now, it’s just natural wood. This will allow them to look very pretty when you hang them on the wall. A small nail is all you will need or those stick-on strips. I have 4 more cradle boxes and I’ll paint them as well. I’m interested to see what I will create. It’s always a surprise – even for me. Thank you for your interest. Stay safe and have a good week. Winifred

7 thoughts on “4×6 Floral Series

  1. Winifred, I love these! But what the heck are cradle boxes?
    How will you price these? I am repainting my living room and kitchen and think 4 of these paintings would make a nice and colorful display.

    • Thank you Dee. I’ll send you a photo of a “cradle box” I knew no one would know what I was talking about. I should add a photo of such to the post. Then we can discuss what might interest you.

  2. These are beautiful and really appreciated with this gloomy weather and crazy quarantine.

    • Thank you so much Nick. Glad to hear from you and hope you and your family are very well. I have 6 more of those little boxes so you can imagine what I’m doing. Take care. Winifred

  3. Hi Winifred, your paintings are rays of sunshine during this horrid time. Just inspirational!
    Hope your well
    Xxhugsxx Suzanne.

    • Hi Suzanne, I wonder how you’re spending your quarantine time. Hopefully art is part of it. I’m not sure why making these smaller paintings has been such a joyful process and exploration but I’ll keep at it for a while. I do have 6 more to do. Hugs to you and Trevor. Winifred

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