Rose Peony – by Winifred – Oil Painting on Cradle Board 4×6

This is the first peony I’ve attempted and I worked not to make it realistic – but hopefully suggestive. I’ve actually come to the end of the 12 cradle box project and as it turns out, I’m glad I don’t have anymore of the boxes. Now I can turn my attention to something different.

Below, I like the color and boldness. I think I’ll paint in this vain for a while.

Peach Rose – by Winifred – Oil Painting on Cradle Board 4×6

It’s on the early side in the Northwest for planting but I’m doing it and starting seeds as well. Last year it was mid June or later before I got started. I purchased my first tomato plant, and I’ve propagated my first geraniums. They will be fuchsia burgundy and white. They are unusual and beautiful. I have 14 growing!! Have a great week. Winifred

9 thoughts on “Peonies

    • Thank you Lois. Currently, I don’t have a Peony and I want one. I watched a Youtube video about growing them last night. I will purchase one to add to a container very soon. Hope you’re very well. W

  1. Both are stunning. I particularly like the gradation in the rose and the softness of the peonies. I look forward to seeing your paintings of the geraniums.

    • Thank you Maria, Indeed, I will paint Geraniums as soon as they bloom – which could be awhile. Take care and stay safe.

    • Thank you Maria. I hope to paint Geraniums soon – as soon as my special variety blooms.

  2. Good job on the peonies. The rose is my favorite though. Got to go outside for a walk this evening for the 1st time in 7 weeks. It was great. Look forward to seeing the geraniums.

    • Thank you Nancy. I can now appreciate your affection for roses! I’m so happy you can go out for a bit of exercise. I bet that walk will feel better than ever. Enjoy!

    • Thank you Dee. It’s a color I need more of in my life and paintings. I’m going to remedy that. Have a great week!

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