Peaches on Cake Pedestal

Peaches on Pedestal Oil Painting 11×14 on Panel by Winifred

Firstly – Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope it is an enjoyable day no matter how you spend it. Finally back to normal sized paintings! I painted a vintage tapestry background for this painting – initially. I loved it. It had been challenging to do but ultimately I didn’t love it any more. Mainly the colors weren’t working and because it was complex, it would not be an easy fix to correct, so I decided to paint a drape instead – it was fun to paint a drape. I’m going to keep comments short today. Have a great day. Hugs to all. Winifred

6 thoughts on “Peaches on Cake Pedestal

  1. The peaches are wonderful. The detail on the cake pedestal is impressively detailed.

    Still want to find a place for those little ones.

    • Happy Mother’s Day Dee! I hope you’re being properly celebrated! Thank you for your comments. W

  2. Merci Winifred! Love the peaches and the drape. Hope your day is excellent

    • Thank you Brenda. Hope you Hugh and your mom are very well and safe. I wish her a Happy Mothers Day! France is about to relax things a bit. Hope it works. W

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