Dance of the Sunflowers

Dance of the Sunflowers 16×20 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

I wonder if it’s apparent why I chose this name for the painting. If it’s not apparent, it doesn’t really matter. If it is apparent, it just adds a little delight. I don’t think I told you that I didn’t plant sunflowers this summer. I thought I’d skip a year given the massive plantings the two summers previously. Plus, it’s best for the soil. But wouldn’t you know it – in the container closest to the street, a volunteer appeared. It grew and grew. Then it began to bud. Not just one flower appeared but 20 at least, up and down the stem.

I’ve had sunflowers stalks with multiple flowers on the stem before, but nothing like this. It seemed to make up for the absence of all the others. It’s abundant show is over now and just a couple days ago, I removed its tall strong stem. This painting is my memory. It had grown in a pot containing strawberries which are featured in the painting as well. The apple played no part of my growing season, I just thought it was a nice element of design. I enjoyed the sunflower showing up like that – quite a surprise. It was the unplanned child! Hope you enjoy! Winifred

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6 thoughts on “Dance of the Sunflowers

  1. I love the “dancing” and the added life of the strawberries. The green vase anchors the composition so well. It feels so light, like a “thank you” to earth.

    • Thank you Betsy. I told you I would paint sunflowers and fruit again. It’s a great combination. Hope all is well. Winifred

  2. Well, all this time I thought you planted them again. Your green thumb was working overtime and rewarded you with a great subject.

  3. Thank you Steve. The green I see on my thumb today is paint! It was a special treat. I see a nasturtium leafing out in a different pot. Again, I didn’t plant it. Fun! Winifred

  4. The painting is wonderful. I love the bright yellow and depth of colors throughout the bouquet. And your vase is perfect The strawberries are good enough to eat.

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