For the Love of Roses

Rose Bouquet Magenta Oil Painting 16×16 Linen Panel by Winifred Whitfield

Painting this was a labor of love. Definitely it was labor but I rather enjoyed the arduous process of painting roses with a different look using looser more feathered strokes and edges. I’ve always wanted to do this but I had to figure out my process and become confident that loosening my control and grip of the brush would give me the results I wanted. I’ve made similar starts in the past on a flower or two, but to be stylistically consistent with more than a dozen flowers is an accomplishment. The fact is, a bit earlier in the process, I actually removed 7 roses (after lamenting the effort which had gone into painting them). The field was too crowded and the design flawed. The painting became stronger when I allowed the eye some room to move about.

Because I had created a rather classic look, I decided to paint a Dollie, which no one uses or paints anymore. I found that my hand and brush is willing to create this type of pattern without struggle – it was almost relaxing, no thinking involved. Painting roses is not. Thank you for the visit! Hope you enjoy. Have a great week. Winifred

9 thoughts on “For the Love of Roses

  1. I love the painting and reading about your process for developing the images. It seems to be a lovely journey for you to develop your techniques.

  2. Thank you Betsy. It’s a meaningful journey in any event – and exhausting. You wouldn’t think so but it is. I’ve rested and ready to begin again. Hope you’re journey is continuing successfully. W

    • Thank you Kim, I’m loving red at the moment – actually, I always love red. Did you paint that frog icon? If so, Beautiful! Winifred

  3. I love your painting .. I remember doilies really well 🙂 .. my Great Aunt used to crochet them .. delicate lacy elegant .. I wore many out washing them over the years to where now I have none left .. I would use them if I still had them!!! Those were the ONLY things in my home that were ever delicate, lacy or elegant!!! She had made a LONG one for my Grandmother’s buffet when I was a little girl .. it was part of what was important to my Grandmother 🙂 She used doilies til she had to go to the nursing home because of her Alzheimers.

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