Poppies Red and Purple

Purple Poppies Oil Painting 12×12 by Winifred

This is one of those times fortunately when I really enjoy both images equally. They’re different but both make me feel good. I needed a break from my very formal peonies and this was the break I needed.

Red Poppies Oil Painting 12×12 by Winifred

Joyful red poppies, swaying in the wind. I love the colorful background – I never created a background quite like this before – but I will again, in some form.

4 thoughts on “Poppies Red and Purple

  1. Love both, can’t decide which I like better. I do like the colorful background and look forward to more.

    • Thanks Nancy. Our brains want to make a choice but like you, we can love both. That background is fun! Winifred

  2. The red poppies remind me of the fields in Germany.

    The blue poppies are lighted so beautifully

    • Thank you Betsy. Fun paintings. For the blue, I set up a still life in my studio and varied my lighting possibilities until I got something interesting and dramatic. Thanks for noticing. Winifred

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