Girl in Vintage Chair

Girl in Vintage Chair 12×16 Oil Painting by Winifred Whitfield

She wore black jeans and a black tee shirt when I photographed her. I allowed her to pose herself and I’m glad I did. The aspect of the pose I find most endearing is her arms. I never would have positioned them as such but they’re perfect – the elongated arms flowing into the interestingly interlaced tapered fingers. I also didn’t envision this painting style – for sure. There is a class I wanted to take. It will be taught by Valerie Collymore, quite an amazing impressionist painter. Her class is entitled “Renoir Like” – but sadly for me – it’s full. I decided I would paint my own “Renoir Like” portrait but my imagination took over the process and this painting took on a life of it’s own, determining color, texture and abstractions as it evolved. I’m glad things happened as they did. After all, I will always be better at painting “Winifred Like”. Hope you enjoy. Winifred

4 thoughts on “Girl in Vintage Chair

  1. I very much like your “Renoir” version of the photograph! The detail on the face stands out brilliantly with the less focused background.

    • Thank you Betsy. Ultimately, I wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest it’s “Renoir Like” at all. That was an early consideration which I abandoned. It was fun though. I always knew I would enjoy painting even more if I would stretch my imagination and get away from photo content – even when I like the photo. So, we’ll see.

  2. It is your “Winifred Like” style that always makes your paintings compelling. I agree with Betsy that the detail of her face – particularly her eyes – is beautiful.

  3. Thank you Maria. I had a lovely young lady pose for the reference photo and indeed she did have lovely eyes. I only captured what I saw. W

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