Dragons Over Her Shoulders

Dragons Over Her Shoulders – Oil Painting 12×16 by Winifred Whitfield

I thought this lovely lady and my dragon bench would look splendid together. I featured a photo this bench in my recent “home gallery” post but I’ve never painted it before. I would often look at this bench and would think “not today” even if had been captured in a reference image. It was actually less stressful to paint than I imagined. Her portrait, on the other hand, posed the usual portrait painting challenge. In every painting there is something to be learned and I enjoy each new experience. Hope you enjoy. Winifred

6 thoughts on “Dragons Over Her Shoulders

  1. Absolutely stunning! The dragon bench has always intrigued me and now to see such a beautiful model on it for a portrait is breathtaking=) Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you very much Tanner. I enjoyed using the dragons in a painting for the first time and and the model is lovely. Have a great day. Winifred

  2. This painting is really stunning. In addition to the dragon chair, the flowers behind the subject are perfectly place to add focus to the subject. The light effects provide a glow on her skin and provide great perspective.

    • Thank you Betsy. This was interesting to paint. I’ve always loved it when painters, usually the masters, include environments kn their paintings. I’ve tended to keep portraits more simple. This may have changed. Glad you enjoyed. Winifred

  3. The deeply rich nature of the painting, in color, composition and your subject, is stunning. The young woman is beautiful and her stature and elegance are enhanced by the way you positioned her. I love the sofa, yet another exquisite piece of art in your home to accompany your paintings. Thank you for posting.

    • Thank you Maria. Yes she is a lovely young woman and I enjoyed working with her to create reference images to paint. It is useful to own a few unique furnishings as props as well as to live with them. I enjoy the deep tonality of this painting also. Again thank you. Winifred

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