“Repose” Oil Painting 12×12 by Winifred Whitfield

Have you seen her before? The last time you saw this lovely lady she had her hands covering her face. No wonder you don’t recognize her!

With her bone structure and the way light graces her face, I thought I should uncover it for this painting. Throughout the summer at a certain time of the morning, I would often observe light coming through a certain window and think ” I must capture a portrait in this light”. On a certain day, I had that opportunity. One only has to “see” the light and recognize it’s potential. I had no idea what an important role my dramatic portrait photography would play in my portrait paintings. It’s also a good thing I enjoy costume design via paint. She was wearing a little black tee with sunflowers but I decided to create her as more regal.

Below, is the previous portrait I posted – her hands covering her face. I really like the painting but wanted to show her face as well. Hope you enjoy both. Winifred

The Weight of the World – Figurative Oil Painting 11×14 by Winifred Whitfield

6 thoughts on “Repose

  1. I am sure by now you know how much I love your paintings but I must tell you this is one of my favorite of all. You’ve done a stunning job of capturing, as you say, her regal beauty. The painting is mesmerizing.

  2. Thank you so much Maria. I love it also. I am spending lots of time these days “envisioning”.

  3. I like the first one very much. Where she covers her face. It speaks. Feel her sense of sadness, or pain.

  4. Thank you Marco. You feel what I feel in the paintings. It’s much easier for me to paint when I can feel some attachment to some expressed emotion – even drama! Some of my portraits/ references are emotionally flat for sure but that’s fine also. There are some images I just cannot paint t all – I just can’t connect.

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