Girl in Tulips Pulling at Her Sleeve

Little Girl in Tulips Tugging at Her Sleeve

This painting combines my love of portraits, love of floral, and makes up for all the color I haven’t painted in a long time. Well, I did paint with red last time, but my recent portraits have been pretty muted.

She was reluctant to be photographed on this day and on this occasion. It wasn’t a planned shoot, she just happened to be outside and I ask her to stand amidst my very large tulips. I really love it when little children do things with their little fingers – though I hadn’t noticed at all. she had tugged at her shirt. If I had, I probably would have said ” stand still and don’t tug at your shirt. We can be our worse enemy. I remembered this photo reference because it was outside and had all the color – thought it might be fun. I had mixed feelings about the panther, although since it forms an X with her hands in the center it contributes to the focal point. So I have two focal points – her adorable face being the other, with tulips framing her. How lucky I am. There is more going on in this painting than I ever would have planned but I think it hangs together pretty well. It’s also her cool tones surrounded by the very warm tones of the flowers that allow her to remain forward – stand out, and not get lost amongst the flowers but also has strokes of the warm reds on her shirt to keep her fully integrated into the background. So I think I’ve convinced myself it’s OK.

I was conscious of staring at my painting and not blinking this week. PAIN reminds me if I start down that path. I get so obsessed when I begin a new painting that I can do nothing else. Well, I start after breakfast at noon, and I do break for dinner. Otherwise I paint. My new IPhone came yesterday – upgrading from X and I have yet to update it for use. I will tonight. Have a great weekend. I wonder what I will paint next. I do love painting. Thank you for viewing. Winifred

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